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0001279DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2019-07-25 15:25
ReporterCarsten Assigned Tocarl  
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PlatformMacOSOS X OS Version10.11
Product Version2.14.0 
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Summary0001279: Make Timeline View scrollable to accomodate more audio channels + subtitles, and add more labels

With many audio files in the content list, they are not all displayed in timeline view for rearrangement, so a vertical scrolling would be handy. Once CCAPs will be added, and with multile audio files, we will need more screen estate there anyway, so, zoom or scroll become a necessity. I would be perfectly ok with automatic scaling, as there is no need for too detailed information, it is simply a graphical overview. So, if tracks become leaner with more tracks, no problem (I think)...
Worst case the way it is now is if someone adds all audio files for a reel'd feature, each with individual mono tracks (which is not hypothetical, although I exxagerate a bit in the attached screenshot).

Also, maybe it would be possible to arrange audio files so that they follow their audio track arrangement in the audio matrix, e.g. DCP channel 1 always on top, followed by DCP channel one. Or, add a small channel label to each file.

Maybe give gain indications, or color any settings changes (like non zero gain, delay, etc.). So you get a nice overview about possible issues, inadvertent changes, etc.

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has duplicate 0001430 resolvedcarl Order parallel audio tracks in timeline view by DCP channel order 
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2018-07-04 21:47

administrator   ~0002503

Scrolling and zoom is in 2.13.33.


2018-07-04 23:50

administrator   ~0002504

I think this is all covered by 753707b4049940262b7824b584bbe36f5f133cbe and surrounding commits (2.13.33).

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