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Summary0001515: ISDCF name does not include CCAP details

nor HI/VI-N. Perhaps the ISDCF metadata sub language needs to be removed and replaced with the language configured in the text settings. Although what do you do about pre-burnt-in subs...?

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related to 0001536 resolvedcarl Can't specify language of already-burnt subtitles 



2019-03-28 12:28

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HI/VI-N could be added automatically if a proper channel count is configured and HI/VI-N channels are populated in the matrix. I think I filed a Mantis entry for this long ago?

I guess I need to look up the specs for naming CCAP track file and language. I guess language follows the common (though sometimes cryptic) abbreviation code, while track file name could contain a common name that allows the user to select a language (if mutliple are present) intuitively from a display/menu, like e.g. LAS - Latin American Spanish. So I guess, the track file name could be 'free text'. Or is it the other way round? Then, a populated CCAP code would add to the ISDCF name. I know the ISDCF spec is a bit wonky about audio/CCAP language indication (Typically, CCAP language would be the same as main audio). Although closed subtitles are possible as well, and then clearly, the languages would differ. Do we need to explicitly support 'Closed Subtitles' in xml tags? I guess it wouldn't be complicated (a third entry in the 'Use as' list) + 'a bit' of library work, but, aside from testing purposes, who would actually care?

BTW - Phillip suggested that, instead of entering free text for language codes, DCP-o-matic could offer the 'official' language code list from the ISDCF website - including showing the full names to help choosing the correct code.
Guess that's something that could be updated automatically at compile time. Although, I guess there will be not so many changes anymore now that it settled. Yeah, that would be a long drop-down list. Maybe make it smart, show the 5 most recently used codes always at the top for quicker access? As you can imagine, international film festivals often get entries with more exotic languages than common in mainstream cinemas.

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2019-04-26 14:20

manager   ~0003275

Alright, you noticed the preexisting burn-in subs thing before. Hmm... I guess it will be confusing for users to not have that option in ISDCF naming settings... Could you reestablish that field, but simply 'occupy' it automatically if a language has been set for the content?
Some people may still want to override it. e.g. to indicate not a subtitle, but CCAP language. Also, some movies use different languages, and you may indicate more than one (that is allowed), e.g. the swiss often have movies with dual subtitles, e.g.

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2019-04-26 21:46

administrator   ~0003287

I think removing that option from ISDCF naming is potentially less confusing than having several different places to specify languages, where the values you enter all end up in different places... though the preexisting burn-in subs is tricky.

If we know the languages of each piece of content it should be possible to cover the CCAP language and multiple-subtitle cases automatically.

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