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0000266DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2015-12-03 21:19
ReporterSweetback Assigned Tocarl  
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Target Version1.x 
Summary0000266: Bypass the colour conversion

Have a good workflow to control the XYZ conversion before. To be able to bypass it
will be more comfortable to less risky.

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has duplicate 0000377 closedcarl Option to disable color conversion 
related to 0000268 closedcarl Allow import of image sequence 



2013-11-14 09:16

administrator   ~0000231

HI, can you go into a bit more detail? Do you just want to disable all colour conversion?


2013-11-15 23:09

reporter   ~0000233

Hi, yes, just a setting to bypass all the colour conversion in case I have already export a DCDM in XYZ that had, already, been validate by the director or the DOP ! Like that I have just to transcode and wrappe the elements in DCP without the need of verify this conversion in theater !


2013-11-16 13:19

administrator   ~0000234

Hi, ok, so you want to import a MXF file?


2013-11-17 00:05

reporter   ~0000236

Hi Carl,

I tried MXF file, that work for the picture and not sound ! It would be a nice
option but, for now, like in OpenDCP, a simple option to desactivate the colour conversion ! For example, when enable "edit button", a line "bypass" under sRGB, sRGB non-linearised and Rec709 ! When I have short film with exotic sources, I "linearized" them to DI software and apply a look (film) or a XYZ LUT to verify my timeline in a DCI projector ! A friend can give me access (in the night) to it !If all it's OK, I have to be sure that none transformation will apply because I know that the XYZ is fine !
Soory for my english; I hope I was enough clear for you !



2014-10-24 22:34

administrator   ~0000403


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