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Summary0000485: Templates

for creation of lots of similar projects.

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related to 0000543 closedcarl Presets for all settings except content 



2015-12-23 22:52

administrator   ~0001078

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I think the main question is what to do with content settings; i.e. should it be possible to set up a template project which crops all its video content by some amount? Or that maps 5 WAVs to particular DCP channels?

I think the options are:

  1. templates only store non-content options i.e the DCP page.
  2. (1) plus store the video/audio/subtitles/timing settings for one piece of content and apply those settings to the first piece of content that is added after a new project is created with the template.
  3. (2) plus allow setup of multiple content in the template which is then somehow magically replaced with new content after the template has been loaded


2016-07-26 10:33

administrator   ~0001360

I think we should go for option 0000002 to begin with. So we save a film pretty much as-is, perhaps removing content paths, as a template. Then load it in somewhere and refer to it when making the new Film and then again when adding content.


2016-08-24 14:29

administrator   ~0001393


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