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0000642DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2016-05-31 22:56
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Summary0000642: Audio saturated importing an existing DCP on DCP-o-matic 2.1.26

I tested import a DCP into DCP-o-matic 2.1.26, but when I make the DCP, it's created quickly because the video is jpeg2000, but the audio sounds saturated. Using the "Show audio" button, I can see that the peak and the RMS, as a flat graphic.

Steps To Reproduce

Importing a DCP with the "Add folder..." button.

Additional Information

I can import the .mxf video file using the "Add files(s)..." button, but I can't add the .mxf audio file. It reports an error:

"Error: Could not find video stream"

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2015-07-21 14:09


Show Audio.jpg (80,856 bytes)
Show Audio.jpg (80,856 bytes)


2015-07-21 14:16

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This problem is not only 2.1.26. Previous versions have this bug (feature?) too.
In this case I use FFMPEG command in cmd:
ffmpeg -i audiofile.mxf -c: a copy outputfile.wav
This will give u normal 6-ch audio (maybe 8-ch, depends on source) , which u can use in your project.

Maybe it is wrong way, but helps for me


2015-07-21 21:29

administrator   ~0000786

Thanks for the report. Fixed in de5037c6ec1a33d17bd0a6029676f8fd39f55b41 which will be in 2.1.27.

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