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0000782DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2019-01-30 22:11
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Target Version2.16.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000782: CPL metadata

In <CompositionPlaylist>

<LabelText>Package Type</LabelText>

In <MainSound>

In <MainSubtitle>

In <MainPicture>
<ScreenAspectRatio>133 1</ScreenAspectRatio>

In each reel:

<CompositionMetadataAsset xmlns="";>

<FullContentTitleText language="en">Alice In Wonderland</FullContentTitleText>
<MainSubtitleLanguageList>fr it</MainSubtitleLanguageList>
<VersionNumber status="final">2</VersionNumber>
[status can be "final", "temp", or "pre"]
<Chain>Grand Cinemas</Chain>
<Luminance units="foot-lambert">3.5</Luminance>
[this can be 51 71 SDS 61 M]
<Distributor>Fox Searchlight</Distributor>
<cpl:LabelText>Package Type</cpl:LabelText>



  • there are some confusions with country codes; see
  • new content type PRO (Promo)
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related to 0001304 acknowledgedcarl SMPTE FFMC 



2019-01-30 22:11

manager   ~0002996

Also allow to add cue markers - credit offset, First Frame Of Action, Intermission, etc.

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