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0000794DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2018-10-17 20:16
Reportercarl Assigned Tocarl  
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Target Version2.7.0 
Summary0000794: Automate upload to TMS

Would it be possible and make sense to add an option to the DCP tab
called somethin like "Upload to TMS", that if checked would make DOM
upload the DCP to the TMS after successful completion?
It would be nice if this feature also worked when doing batch conversions.

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2016-02-06 07:23

developer   ~0001127

Does the CLI version allows a similar behavior? A successful encode can return the path of the finished DCP.
Example: dcpomatic_cli -automate > bittorrent -create


2016-02-16 11:31

administrator   ~0001133

Implemented in 7feda7e97b67917d240585a09ed6c50d4605a83d. Also added -d option to dcpomatic_cli to echo the created DCP's path to stdout in 66d12a84fd513ad68692f7cb473472ad76aa495f.

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