KDM email

The KDM email tab is shown in Figure 11.7, “KDM email preferences”.

Figure 11.7. KDM email preferences

KDM email preferences

This is a template for the email that is used to send KDMs out to cinemas. You can change it to say whatever you like. A few ‘magic’ strings will be replaced by information from the KDM that is being sent; these strings are shown in Table 11.1, “‘Magic’ KDM strings”.

Table 11.1. ‘Magic’ KDM strings

$CPL_FILENAMEFilename of the CPL
$CINEMA_NAMECinema name
$CINEMA_SHORT_NAMEFirst 14 characters of the cinema name
$SCREENSName of screen or screens that KDMs are being generated for
$START_TIMEThe time from which the KDMs are valid
$END_TIMEThe time until which the KDMs are valid

The Reset to default text will replace the current KDM email with DCP-o-matic's default.