The advanced preferences are shown in Figure 11.10, “Advanced preferences”.

Figure 11.10. Advanced preferences

Advanced preferences

Maximum JPEG2000 bandwidth specifies the maximum bit-rate of JPEG2000 that DCP-o-matic will allow you to create. You are advised to leave this at 250Mbit/s in normal use for maximum DCP compatibility.

Allow any DCP frame rate removes the limits on the DCP video frame rates that DCP-o-matic will create. This may be useful for experimentation. Again, you are strongly advised to leave this unticked for normal use.

Only servers encode makes DCP-o-matic encode JPEG2000 data only on encoding servers and not on the host. We suggest you leave this unticked unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.

With the filename format fields you can adjust the filenames that are used for metadata (CPL and PKL files) and assets (MXF and subtitle files). Below each field there is a list of the ‘magic’ values that you can use in the format and an example of a filename that you might see with your current settings.

The checkboxes labelled Log control what sort of messages DCP-o-matic writes to its log file when creating a DCP. It is useful to leave General, Warnings and Errors ticked as this makes the log files useful for tracking down bugs.

The Timing checkbox will enable extra log entries to allow developers to investigate and optimise the speed of DCP-o-matic. It will significantly increase the size of the log files that are generated, so in normal use it is best to leave this unticked.