Cover sheet

The DCP cover sheet configuration is shown in Figure 11.9, “DCP cover sheet preferences”.

Figure 11.9. DCP cover sheet preferences

DCP cover sheet preferences

This is a template for the cover sheet that is written next to every DCP that DCP-o-matic creates. You can change it to say whatever you like. A few ‘magic’ strings will be replaced by information from the DCP that has been made:

Table 11.2. ‘Magic’ cover sheet strings

$TYPEDCP content type (e.g. feature, trailer...)
$CONTAINERThe container ratio (e.g. flat, scope...)
$AUDIODetails of the audio channels
$AUDIO_LANGUAGEAudio language
$SUBTITLE_LANGUAGESubtitle language
$LENGTHDCP length in hours, minutes and seconds
$SIZEDCP size in gigabytes

The Reset to default text will replace the current cover sheet with DCP-o-matic's default.