Free, open-source DCP creation from almost anything.

DCP-o-matic is a free, open-source program to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) from videos, images, sound and subtitle files. You can use it to make content for playback on DCI-compliant cinema projectors.

It can take files in many different formats, including MP4, Apple ProRes, MOV, AVI, M2TS (from Blu-Ray), VOB (from DVD), WMV, MKV, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and lots of others.

It will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux      and is in use in 58 countries around the world.


12 hours ago
More destruction of the splash screen.

13 hours ago
Try to make splash screen disappear sooner by Skip()ing the idle event.

16 hours ago
Try to fix unit tests.

28 hours ago
Add ko_KR files to RPM.


2 days ago
Fix mis-merge.

2 days ago
Bump libdcp/libsub for fix to #1561 (problems when writing many SMPTE subs).

2 days ago
Give an error if 2D content is set to 3D (#1565). Also run 3D tests with more parallel jobs to speed them up.

3 days ago
Add test for #1565.

8 days ago
Fix scrolling of audio channel group labels.

9 days ago
Add tooltip for input groups (#1557).

9 days ago
Truncate audio mapping view channel group names (part of #1557).

13 days ago
Updated de_DE translation from Carsten Kurz.

13 days ago
Fix ko_KR charset.

13 days ago
Add new ko_KR .po files.

2 weeks ago
Updated fr_FR translation from Thierry Journet.

2 weeks ago
More manual build fixes.

2 weeks ago
Fix manual build.

2 weeks ago
Manual errors (folder -> DCP).


3 weeks ago
Speculative fix for white lines at the bottom of full-screen playback windows.

3 weeks ago
Updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.

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6th May 2019

DCP-o-matic 2.14.2 was released. This is a bug-fix release which has the following changes from 2.14.1:

There is also an updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk. Thanks, Rob!

Download it from here.

5th May 2019

DCP-o-matic 2.14.1 was released. This is a bug-fix release which has the following changes from 2.14.0:

There is also an updated fr_FR translation from Thierry Journet and an updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk. Thanks to Thierry and Rob!

Download it from here.

1st May 2019

DCP-o-matic 2.14.0 was released.

The most significant changes in this release are:

There are also the usual set of translation updates and assorted new small features. Here's a full list:

New translations and translation updates

zh_CN 刘汉源
nl_NL Rob van Nieuwkerk
fr_FR Thierry Journet and Dan Cohen
de_DE Carsten Kurz
cs_CZ Tomáš Begeni
it_IT Felice D'Andrea and Riccardo Mantani
ru_RU, uk_UA Igor Voytovich
tr_TR Gökhan Aksoy
da_DK Anders Uhl Pedersen

Major new features

Other new features

Bug fixes

Thanks to 刘汉源, Rob van Nieuwkerk, Thierry Journet, Dan Cohen, Carsten Kurz, Tomáš Begeni, Felice D'Andrea, Riccardo Mantani, Igor Voytovich, Gökhan Aksoy and Anders Uhl Pedersen.

Download it from here.

An enormous thank-you goes out to our April supporters:

Your donations are a massive source of help and support to the DCP-o-matic project. Thank you!

30th April 2019

It's been a while, but we have another user on the list — welcome to the Trento Film Festival!

28th April 2019

Beta version 2.13.156 is now uploading. This has a couple of bug fixes:

Any testing and bug reports are extremely welcome!

25th April 2019

Beta version 2.13.152 is now uploading. This has a few bug fixes:

We are closing in on a release, so please test (if you can) to shake out any remaining bugs!

16th April 2019

Beta version 2.13.146 is now uploading. The only significant change is that multi-channel (i.e. more than stereo) playback should now work on Windows. Unfortunately this fix has meant a rather large change to the audio library, so I would be very grateful for any testing (especially of audio in the preview and player).

6th April 2019

Beta version 2.13.144 is now uploading. This has two main changes:

4th April 2019

Beta version 2.13.142 is now ready for download. This addresses:

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