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21st June 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.15 was released.

This version adds one new feature: an experimental option to export in Prores 4444.

It also fixes some bugs in the disk writer which would result in drives being written that would fail checks with e2fsck and similar tools. The data on the written disks should be readable, but there were errors in how the unused portion of the disk was written.

There is one other small bug fix to improve the match between subtitle sizing in the preview and the final DCP.

Download it from here.

12th June 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.14 was released.

This version adds a few new small features:

and also fixes some bugs:

Download it from here.

26th May 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.13 was released.

This release only fixes some dependency errors on Ubuntu 22.04, and some slightly strange behaviour in the command-line client.

Download it from here.

22nd May 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.12 was released.

This release fixes some bugs:

Download it from here.

1st May 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.10 was released.

This release has several bug fixes:

There are also some new features:

Download it from here.

25th March 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.8 was released. This release has several bug fixes:

and some new features:

Download it from here.

9th March 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.5 was released. This release contains three bug fixes:

Download it from here.

25th February 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.16.4 was released.

New features and major changes

Operating system support

From this version onwards, DCP-o-matic no longer supports:

If you need to use one of these operating systems please use the 2.14.59 version of DCP-o-matic.

Workflow improvements


Crash / error fixes

Output correctness fixes

Other fixes

Minor adjustments

Download it from here.

12th February 2022

DCP-o-matic 2.14.59 was released.

This releases reduces the validity period of DCP-o-matic's default signing certificates from 40 to 10 years, fixing failure of DCPs to play on various systems (including some Barco and Sony).

If your DCP-o-matic configuration was created by a version of DCP-o-matic between 2.14.53 and 2.14.57 you will be prompted to re-create your signing certificates. It is strongly recommended that you agree to this, otherwise DCPs that you make may not play on some systems.

Download it from here.

29th January 2022

Good afternoon from Berlin!

I am pleased to say that the release of DCP-o-matic 2.16.0 is planned for 7th February 2022. This is an interesting date, as it marks exactly ten years since I made the first commit to the DCP-o-matic repository!

2.16.0 brings some useful new features and improvements over the 2.14.x series:

...and lots of other good stuff...

We are now in the final testing phase with version 2.15.188 (also known as release candidate 1). If no show-stopping bugs are found, this will be released as 2.16.0 on 7th February.

If you have any time to help with the release, that would be great! The important work now is:

TESTING — making DCPs, playing them back, writing DCP drives using the disk writer — whatever you can, on whatever machines (Windows, macOS, Linux) you have available. Report any bugs, errors or confusions you find in whichever way is most convenient for you:

TRANSLATIONhere you can see the current state of the translations of DCP-o-matic from English to a variety of other languages. Are you a fluent speaker of a language that is coloured yellow or red on that list? If so, it would be great if you could help by translating some or all of DCP-o-matic's untranslated strings. If you need help with that, or don't know where to start, do get in touch!

As always you can download the current test version (release candidate) from the website.

A huge thanks to everyone for your continued support.

All the best,