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10th September 2021

DCP-o-matic 2.14.55 was released.

This adds Debian 11 support and fixes a problem whereby an error on startup would be hidden behind the splash screen on Windows.

Download it from here.

24th June 2021

DCP-o-matic 2.14.54 was released.

This adds Ubuntu 21.04 builds and increases the default certificate validity period to 40 years.

Download it from here.

21st May 2021

Good evening, and a warm welcome to the new DCP-o-matic website. I hope you like it! Please get in touch if you find any problems.

13th May 2021

Hello everybody!

I hope this finds you well. I am happy to announce that we're finally on the way to a new, stable, 2.16.0 release of DCP-o-matic!

The first part of this is 2.15.149, also known as DCP-o-matic 2.16.0 alpha 1, which you can download now from the website.

Highlights of 2.16.0 include:

It would really help the project if you could:

The plan from here is to release as many alphas and betas as are needed until bug reports die down, then roll 2.16.0.

Testing of the "Disk Writer" tool is especially appreciated. I don't feel like it has had sufficient widespread testing for me to be confident in releasing it. If it works for you (or if it doesn't) please do email me.

If the level of testing stays low I might need to take it out of the 2.16.0 release and think about what to do next.

All the best!


7th May 2021

DCP-o-matic 2.14.51 was released.

This release fixes errors on exporting DCPs with crop.

Download it from here.

19th April 2021

DCP-o-matic 2.14.50 was released.

This release fixes two bugs:

There is also an update to the nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.

Download it from here.

31st March 2021

DCP-o-matic 2.14.48 was released.

This release has some updates to the translations for de_DE (thanks to Carsten Kurz) and nl_NL (thanks to Rob van Nieuwkerk). There is also a small fix to treat .psd files correctly as image files.

Download it from here.

14th January 2021

Further to my previous message about old macOS versions, it seems like it might also be useful to drop support for 10.9 (Mavericks), so that the earliest supported macOS version would be Yosemite (10.10). Do let me know if that would cause you problems.

13th January 2021

The test version of DCP-o-matic now has support for the M1 (ARM/Apple Silicon) processors found in new Macbooks and Mac Minis. I'd be very grateful to hear about how you get on if you try it!

27th December 2020

Season's greetings to all!

It's that time of year again when I try to work out if anybody is using DCP-o-matic on a macOS version earlier than the 2013 release of Mavericks (10.9).

If you use DCP-o-matic on Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard (10.8, 10.7 or 10.6) can you drop me a line?

If nobody needs it I may take the opportunity of the forthcoming 2.16.0 release to drop support for anything earlier than 10.9.