Benchmark: Sintel

Input resolution: 2048x872
Output format: Scope
DCP frame rate: 24 fps.
Length: 0:14:48
JPEG2000 data rate: 200MBps

ManufacturerCPUSpeed (GHz)NotesPassmarkVersionThreadsTimeFPS
AMDRyzen 1950X2.2221242.10.5320:14:2524.64
Inteli7 7820X4.3217912.10.5160:18:5018.86
Network 2 — Xeon W3530 2.8GHz, OS X host with 4 x Intel Xeon E5462, 2.8GHz, OS X, Intel Core i5 4750, 3.2GHz, OS X, Intel Core i5 2400, 3.1GHz, OS X.1.69.280:20:3217.30
IntelDual Xeon E5 2643V33.243410 (21705 per CPU)2.9.0240:20:3517.26
IntelDual Xeon X56753.07HP Z600 16672 (8336 per CPU)2.12.13360:21:2616.57
AMDRyzen 7 1800X3.8154032.10.5160:22:2515.85
AMDRyzen 7 1700X146412.10.5160:23:4314.98
Localhost network — Intel Xeon 2687W host with Node running on same machine as master.1.73.00:24:3514.45
IntelXeon 2687W146121.81.5320:26:0813.59
AMDRyzen 5 1600X3.6 clocked to 4.1GHz2.10.5120:27:0413.12
AMDRyzen 7 17003.0Asus ROG GL702ZC 137502.10.5160:27:2013.00
AMDRyzen 5 1600X3.6133142.10.5120:29:2312.09
IntelXeon 2687W146121.73.0320:29:2812.06
IntelXeon 2687W146121.66.10320:29:5011.91
Inteli7 5820K3.3130002.11.291290:32:0311.08
IntelXeon 2687W146121.60320:33:5110.49
IntelXeon E5-16503.5MacPro6 A1481 117452.12.13120:38:379.20
Inteli7 6700K4.0109942.9.080:39:159.05
Inteli7 5820K3.3130002.11.5360:41:418.52
Inteli7 5820K3.3130002.11.4760:41:598.46
IntelXeon 2687W146121.57320:42:548.28
IntelDual Xeon X56502.6730344 (15172 per CPU)1.77.0320:44:258.00
Inteli7 5820K3.3130002.11.5560:46:337.63
Inteli7 5820K3.3130002.11.5260:49:137.22
Inteli7 6700 HQMSI GE 62 laptop 81452.10.580:51:336.89
Network 1 — Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz, 8Gb DDR3, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (Desktop) host with Intel Core i5-2520M 2.5GHz, 4Gb, DCP-o-matic Server Live Image (Laptop), Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz, 4Gb, DCP-o-matic Server Live Image (Dell Optiplex 755), Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz, 4Gb, OS X 10.7.4 (Macbook Pro, late 2008).1.340:54:256.53
Inteli7 47703.499271.73.781:11:564.94
Inteli5 7440HQ2.880082.12.241:18:044.55
IntelXeon E3 12203.161791.73.741:40:433.53
Inteli7 3770S3.1iMac (2012) 90961.2781:43:543.42
Inteli7 3540M3.047251.66.042:26:012.43
IntelXeon X53653MacPro2 A1186 34912.12.1382:42:562.18
IntelCore 2 Duo E45002.212571.1428:03:220.73