Building DCP-o-matic on OS X

First you need a set of supporting libraries; these can be built with some scripts fetched using:

git clone git://
cd osx-environment

Adjust to suit your machine; you need the SDK for the OS X version you are targeting (I use 10.6) and an installation of CMake, and must point to these things.

Now you can build the libraries with:


Finally, install cdist using:

git clone git://

then copy the cdist script somewhere onto your path (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

cdist needs a file ~/.config/cdist which should contain something like:

osx_build_host 10.6
osx_environment_prefix /Users/carl/osx-environment
osx_sdk_prefix /Users/carl/SDK/MacOS10.6.sdk
git_prefix git://


cdist -p dcpomatic -t osx package

should package the git HEAD of DCP-o-matic for OS X.