My DCP will not ingest! What can I do?

Unfortunately projectors or servers sometimes refuse to ingest DCPs that DCP-o-matic has made. Often the error messages are rather vague. Here are some things to check (assuming you are using an external hard drive or USB stick to copy the content onto your server):

  1. Is your DCP in the root directory of the drive? If not, move it there and try again.
  2. Is your drive formatted using EXT2 (Linux) or NTFS (Windows)? If not, try using one of those formats.
  3. If you are using a USB drive plugged into your projector, does it have its own power supply? If not, try one that does.
  4. Does the name of the DCP's folder contain hyphens or underscores? If so, try renaming the folder so that it does not contain those characters.
  5. Does your DCP have 5.1 audio? If not, try setting the number of channels in the DCP Audio tab to 6. This is certainly necessary for the Cinedigm TCC and maybe others. The NEC900C seems to garble the sound unless there are 6 channels.
  6. Is your DCP at 24 frames per second? If not, try that; some projectors will not play content at other frame rates.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to get in touch.