This page lists instructional videos using DCP-o-matic from around the web. Get in touch if you find a video that should be included!


How to test DCP encryption (English)
Jake S
This video shows you how to make an encrypted DCP with DCP-o-matic, then make a KDM so that the DCP can be played back using the DCP-o-matic player.

DCP-o-matic tutorial (English)
Dillon Cole
A screencast of how to use OS X to make a DCP from a MKV (ripped from Blu-Ray) including removal of letterboxing from the original file.

Making an accessible movie DCP (English)
Riole Eletrönica Ltda.
A walkthrough of how to create a DCP with hard-of-hearing and audio description tracks, subtitles, closed captions and a video sign-language track.

Tutoriel DCP-o-matic: Introduction et création de DCP (French)
Jérémie D.
A tour of various parts of DCP-o-matic.

How to create an encrypted DCP and KDMs for it (English)
A detailed description of how encrypted DCPs and KDMs are made, albeit using a rather old version of DCP-o-matic.

How to create an encrypted DCP and a DKDM (English)
Using a slightly older version of DCP-o-matic to make a DKDM.